Welcome to NOFUNDME, the site for calling out corporate criminals on their shady activities. we promote a new era in consumerism where we vote with our dollars,  demanding transparency and fair business practices from anyone selling something. Anyone can create a NOFUNDME page to call out any company or person that has shown they put profits ahead of common decency.  The owners of NOFUNDME.NET will refrain from taking any political view or side, preferring to let the people decide for themselves who shouldn’t be given another dollar!

The pages you create will help to educate and gather followers and call upon them to take action in the form of boycotts, protests, or any other reasonable solution to the growing problem of corporate poisoning of the land and the people. the amount of followers on a given page will give a clear indication to the corporate masters just how many people arent buying their shit anymore.


every effort will be made to prevent spam, scams, trolling and hate speech, but you know there’s gonna be some of that. let’s all just try to be adults here and DONT FEED THE TROLLS!








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We started NOFUNDME.NET with a simple vision: give the people a place to gather and discuss the issue of runaway corporate greed. give the people the power to create a focal point and focus the lens of truth on a single company, brand, or even a single human that is actively engaging in behavior that hurts the planet or its people. to give people an easy resource to look up a company or an individual and see if they have a nofundme page created for them, and if so, see how many other people are behind the movement, and what are the facts about what this company has done or is doing.




They voted for ISPs to be able to sell your Internet History… So lets buy their histories!

This is a great example of crowdfunding our future.  One man, Privacy Activist & Net Neutrality Advocate Adam McElhaney  started a gofundme campaign that’s actually doing something to hold senators and congressmen accountable for the damage they’re doing to privacy! The idea is this: if ISP’s can now sell a users search history to any …


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